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Baron says he’ll run for mayor

June 14 — AFTER SIX years on the Carmel City Council, Jeff Baron said this week he’ll be running for mayor in November against incumbent Dave Potter and challenger Dale Byrne. During the last election two years ago, Potter ran unopposed ... Read More


Forest Service may require beach, camping reservations

June 14 — WHILE ITS busy state parks, private campgrounds and atmospheric hotels get lots of attention, Big Sur is mostly made up of land that’s managed by the U.S. Forest Service. The federal agency has faced enormous challenges ... Read More


Surveillance camera debate over use, privacy

June 13 — ARE THE license-plate-reading cameras installed in Carmel over the last year a useful tool for catching criminals and finding missing people, or do they invade people’s privacy and put their personal information at risk of being sold to the highest bidder ... Read More


Carmel police dep’t. gets two EVs

June 13 — IN KEEPING with the city’s goal of electrifying its fleet, the Carmel Police Department last month received two new plug-in Fords — a sedan and a truck — and might add more if they test well, the police chief said this week ... Read More

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