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Appeals court rejects Marina’s anti-Cal Am suit

Sept. 22 — AN APPELLATE court has ruled in favor of Monterey County after the Marina Coast Water District filed a lawsuit in 2019 challenging the county’s approval of a desalination plant proposed by California American Water Co. ... Read More


Otter Cove homeowner seeks trial for squatter

Sept. 22 — NEARLY A year-and-a-half after he was arrested for burglarizing and squatting in an upscale Carmel Highlands home, stealing and totaling the owner’s Aston Martin and carjacking a fire chief’s department SUV ... Read More


Tiny Toro Restaurant gets more outdoor seats

Sept. 21 — OPENING DURING the Covid-19 pandemic after the previous tenant walked away, Toro Restaurant on Dolores Street has heavily relied on the loosened restrictions on outdoor seating to help keep it afloat ... Read More


Restaurant owner loses lease after fire

Sept. 21 — FIVE MONTHS after a fire of undetermined cause destroyed the kitchen of her Dolores Street restaurant on Easter Sunday, Kathleen Cardinalli, longtime owner of The Cottage, has learned her lease is being terminated ... Read More

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