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City may use Coastal Act to fight mandates

Nov. 24 — WHILE STATE laws compel local governments to approve granny units without public hearings or environmental review as long as they meet some basic requirements, planning commissioners learned last week they might be able to fight those mandates using the Coastal Act ... Read More


‘Forever chemicals’ found in Peninsula water

Nov. 24 — THE DRINKING water system that serves about 92,000 people on the Monterey Peninsula contains seven distinct synthetic chemical contaminants that the Environmental Protection Agency says may be harmful to humans. While there is currently no limit on them in drinking water, the most concentrated pollutant exceeds proposed EPA standards ... Read More


Intruder walks into P.G. schools

Nov. 23 — THE PACIFIC Grove Unified School District this week announced it’s making major changes to security — including permanently locking the doors to the middle school during school hours — after a man with an extensive criminal history was arrested for repeatedly trespassing ... Read More


Comstock cottage owners lose battle over tiny garage

Nov. 23 — A COUPLE that owns a historic Comstock cottage gave up most of the alterations they sought to make the home more livable after the historic resources board in September voted to only allow a few of them, but they asked the board Monday to reconsider its decision to reduce the size of a detached garage from 250 square feet to 200 square feet ... Read More

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